Chloe Leenheer - ENSO Vintage

October 09, 2020 1 min read

”I don’t live by the trends, I don’t find that interesting. Value is in items that you can wear a long time, in a beautiful way!”
Actress, photographer, mother and vintage lover from the heart. 
To have Chloe Leenheer around gives us a powerful calm, only interrupted by stories and connections with the most beautiful silhouettes and statement pieces from all across the world. 
“It’s important to wear and love clothes that last. It has so much more value when you invest in items that you can wear for a longer time. And the process of styling those garments, makes me much more creative” - Chloe Leenheer 
Each garment is  a memory that empowers us towards a 100% circular fashion. This is a journey through her #Bosslady attitude.
Watch documentary  here |  #JoinThemovement
- Photography by Laura van der Spek -


“ It’s important to wear and love clothes that last” - Chloe Leenheer