Rachel Cannegieter - ENSO Vintage

October 11, 2020 1 min read

If you understand that at this moment we purchase 400% more clothes than we did two decades ago but we use the garments half the time, ending incinerated or in waste, you will see why circular fashion is so important
Rebel fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter, shares valuable insights on the impact that our fashion-actions have on the planet&people, and beautiful-easy solutions found at consumers reach. 
Because a change should happen in every layer of the supply chain to be 100% effective and swift  the way we design, produce, manufacture, sell and consume goods.  As the soul of Rethink Rebels , Rachel empowers new and existing companies to embrace the evolution towards a zero waste tomorrow. 

“As citizens we are also part of the supply chain.  You don´t want your garments to have a negative impact on environment or social level, such as raw materials that are gone into existing product. We can avoid that when extending the life cycle of -beautifully- already produced items that last” - Rachel Cannegieter 
Circular economy is on Rachel´s blood and soul. Surrounded by best sustainable experts rethink the current system. They challenge and accelerate the world’s transition to circular fashion. Because if not now, when?
 This is a journey through her expertise applied to both, professional & personal sides.
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-Photography by Laura van der Spek-
Fashion should be liberating. Consumers should not feel forced to be part of a loop where you always need something new, feeling not good enough, not part of the group. We have to focus on what makes you feel yourself with no harm to others” - Rachel Cannegieter 

-Photography by Laura van der Spek-