We want to reimagine the fashion industry by giving clothing a new life and shifting to zero waste.
Fashion seasons? No, thank you!  Items to be found at Serendipity have an essence by themselves and are linked to an expression of self, an attitude, of individuals who appreciate what they own and where it comes from.
Because fashion is a circle, it's our call to decide when to jump in and what kind of footprint we leave behind.  

By giving clothing a new life we vote for a future we believe in! 
Liseth started Serendipity from a desire to wear modern curated clothing without harming people or the planet. After traveling around the world, the urge for a drastic change was stronger than ever.
Andrea,who has inherited her passion for vintage from her grandma and upcycling her mother's wardrobe, was eager to spread that "feeling of uniqueness" in a fresh way.
To make vintage accessible to everybody while building a better lifestyle was just the perfect "Serendipity moment".

Both coming from a fashion industry background, decided to stay involved while feeling proud of the product they bring to you, joining forces with others around
to pursue the same goal, better together.
Thank you for your support (and for reading this!)
Liseth & Andrea.


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Andrea & Liseth.