Our mission

model wearing pink sweater with white wide sleeve
model wearing brown sheer skirt and a leather coat with white shearling detail

Ensō is committed to re-imagine the fashion industry by giving clothing a new life.

We stand for high quality curated vintage and handpicked designer pieces that empower fashion in a non conventional way.

While our upcycling collections define Ensō‘s dna, by presenting a brand where tradition blends with minimalism. 

Inspired by the idea of a space for all. From fashion enthusiasts to first timers. Our designs are honest, timeless and aim to bring unique yet versatile garments into your everyday definition of self.

Items to be found at Ensō have an essence by themselves and are linked to individuals who honor the past, in order to build a better future.

Andrea and Liseth
Andrea and Liseth
Andrea and Liseth

About us

side profile of a model wearing a white shirt with a pale pink top layered over it

Founded in Amsterdam, 2019 by Andrea & Liseth, Ensō is inspired by the idea of a space for all. 

A shared desire to build a conscious wardrobe that stands with modern aesthetics, while representing our urge for a meaningful impact. 

leather tabi shoe
enso white shirt
two people standing with one person holding a black skirt

Together, Andrea & Liseth carefully select each garment that shape an always evolving timeless collection.

Their vast experience in the industry has forged a sense of responsibility for the footprint we leave behind, yet opens new ways to enjoy what fashion has to offer.